Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rollin' down the alley

What do you do when it's too cold to go outside, but you just need to use some of that penned up, toddler/preschool energy? You go bowling!!!
We had a blast! Isaac was able to get the ball to the pins (with the help of the "gutter bumper") which made him super excited. Meg was having fun running around until she decided she was ready to push the ball herself. Mark came to the rescue (of course!) and tried bowling while holding her.
The fun and excitement lasted for 1 1/2 games and then it was all about the french fries and grilled cheese.
We will definitely be going back... probably sooner than later seeing the weather forecast on the news....
Hope everyone is staying warm and toasty!!

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MiniCircus said...

What time is nap?? We will work around that. I am guessing sometime after the lunch hour. We need to stop at Fairfield on the way, and not sure what time we will actually get out of the house. Need your digits...