Saturday, August 21, 2010

Still here...

My computer has totally abandoned me. So for now I am using the one from the stone age... it's really just one step from the black screens with green characters... it really isn't but it is sssslllloooowwww and I don't have any of my pictures on here. So to my 2 readers... here's the haps: (which you already know)

We are moving at the end of September and are super excited. However, we haven't sold our house yet, so it's a bit scary. And until we do there will be no fun decorating of new house... bummer.

Isaac is starting Kindergarten on Friday. He is going to be in the young 5's class, which I wasn't totally on board with in the beginning, but is settling nicely with me now.
Oh~ and he will be five next Sunday... five. seriously, where has the time gone?

We had to put our beloved pup Fletch to sleep last week. It happened much quicker than we ever imagined. We had just found out he was sick two weeks before, but thought we had months, maybe even a year left. I can't believe how empty the house is without him.

Lastly, I would ask anyone who reads this to pray for my friends Brad and Lisa. Brad is fighting stage 4 colon cancer and has started having some severe problems. They admitted him into the hospital on Tuesday and he will be there at least 5 more days if not longer. I don't want to go into all of the details, but they could any prayers and thoughts out there.

Sorry for the jumbled post with no pictures, hopefully soon!