Sunday, June 28, 2009

It was a blue weekend...

Full of blueberries! We went to the Farmer's market to see what was new, and ended up bringing home 10 pints of blueberries --- it was the best deal--=- really!!
So two went into a pie

two went into jam, which actually has become bleueberry syrup because I followed Betty Crocker's recipe instead of the manufacturer's... oops! God thing we like waffles!!

and a lot were munched on just plain... that's Meggie's little hand sneaking one more handful! They're her favorite!

I foresee lots of muffins, waffles, smoothies and blue snacks in our immediate future!!
Also, I swear on a pint of berries that I am going to update my blog more often.

Been busy..... keeping busy!

Summer is in full force here! We have been trying to stay cool with the sprinkler and going out in the morning before the sun is scorching! Also, my camera is still broken, so that doesn't lend to many interesting posts....
However, i do have my parents vacation pictures to share...
So here is Tybee Island part 2:

Miss Priss.... Meg has taken to run/walking this way I hope it lasts it is so cute!

Given Daddy some beach smooches!

My muscle men!

Starfish.... they were everywhere!

Megan enjoying the waterfall in the pool!\
Our attempt at synchronized swimming!!

In front of Lady & Sons, Paula Dean's restaurant... unfortunately no Paula sightings.

At Uncle Bubba's.... Paula's brother!

We're ready to go back!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tybee Island part one:

After a three year hiatus, we finally went on a family vacation! Along with my parents, we went to Tybee Island, Georgia. It was beautiful! We stayed right on the beach and were only 20 minutes away from Savannah, which we went to at least 5 of the 7 days we were there! I don't have as many awesome pictures as I would usually have because on Monday, the camera slipped off of my wrist and now this is all that I see on my LCD screen…



We flew right into the Savannah/Hilton Head airport. Isaac loved flying! He wants to be a pilot when he grows up… along with a baseball/basketball/football player!! He is at that age where if you ask him to smile you get a crazy face; this is an authentic, over the moon smile! I love it!


Meg liked it too!! Our flight was crazy early in the morning; we left the house at 4:30am! Isaac was up and cheery, I was planning on them sleeping at least on the way to the airport, but nope! They were too excited! They did crash on the way to our condo… at least for about 20 minutes!