Monday, July 26, 2010


You know how you don't realize you say certain things until someone points them out to you?
Apparently, I say, "Smokin'" a lot.
As in, "it's smokin' hot today. or let your food cool off, it's smokin'"
Well Miss M has picked up using the word too. She says, "Mom! it's smokin wet at the water park! This air conditioning is smokin cold!"
I'm not sure exactly what she thinks it means.... but it's smokin' cute!
Here are our latest adventures in the heat with Steph and the girls! Thanks for introducing us to this park! We will definitely be back!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Slip Slidin' Away

Where has summer gone?
It's July for Pete's sake! And only that for a few more days!
At Aggie's birthday party, Jason set up a slip-n-slide in their backyard. If ever there was a backyard made for slip-n-slides and sledding, this is the yard. It has the perfect double hill that is steep enough to be fast but not too fast.

Poor Ag's got stung on her way to slide, so she ended up not doing it at all, poor baby.

Isaac threw a ginormous fit when it was time to go, but lucky for me the mix of the water/soap meant I could send him straight to bed with no shower!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

quick recap...

in case you were wondering, in the last three weeks...

:: we have eaten our weight in hot dogs

:: we have done our part in feeding the mosquito population

:: Isaac got his kindergarten shots

:: I turned 32

:: my computer was out of commission due to a bizarre-o virus

:: it is smokin' hot outside, our only relief comes in the form of sprinkler and water hose play.

:: Meg's level of sassy-ness has increased ten fold

:: seen 3 sets of fireworks

:: discovered my love for The Office ... never knew what I was missing!!! How is that possible?

:: have had a prayer answered, unfortunately the answer was a loud and resounding, "NO!" and after the initial disappointment (and many tears) , I realized that God has something even better in store... I just have to be patient... not my strong suit.

::caught lightening bugs

Basically, we are living summer to the fullest!