Saturday, July 17, 2010

quick recap...

in case you were wondering, in the last three weeks...

:: we have eaten our weight in hot dogs

:: we have done our part in feeding the mosquito population

:: Isaac got his kindergarten shots

:: I turned 32

:: my computer was out of commission due to a bizarre-o virus

:: it is smokin' hot outside, our only relief comes in the form of sprinkler and water hose play.

:: Meg's level of sassy-ness has increased ten fold

:: seen 3 sets of fireworks

:: discovered my love for The Office ... never knew what I was missing!!! How is that possible?

:: have had a prayer answered, unfortunately the answer was a loud and resounding, "NO!" and after the initial disappointment (and many tears) , I realized that God has something even better in store... I just have to be patient... not my strong suit.

::caught lightening bugs

Basically, we are living summer to the fullest!

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