Monday, June 28, 2010

Reds Game Part 1

On our list of things to do this summer is to go to a Cincinnati Reds game.
Isaac, lover of all sports, but especially baseball kept asking when we were going to go. So we checked the schedule and lo and behold they were home this weekend and who of all teams were they playing? Only the Cleveland Indians, Mark's favorite team, perfect.

We packed a little cooler full of juice boxes, squeeze yogurts (these are only for super special occasions) and other little snacky items, 'cause really, who wants to spend five bucks on a bottle of water?

Isaac was a buzz... literally the entire drive to the game.

We got there a bit late, but as soon as we sat down, Isaac's favorite player, a rookie named Drew Stubbs was at the plate and don't you know he hit a home run! It was as if the baseball gods were shining down on Isaac and just cementing his love for the game even further!

Meg, not the biggest sports fan, had a great time... as long as there was some type of music blaring in which she could shake her groove thing to.

There were home runs, a couple of wild pitches, and a hit so hard that it broke the bat...and to top it all off... it was Fireworks Friday! More on that tomorrow!

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