Friday, July 1, 2011

My Girls

I have an amazing set of friends who I had a fabulous night on the town with last night. We rocked out with our man Kenny.

We started our little, "girls nights" six years ago and they have been a mainstay in our lives and a constant connection to our true selves. We have been through a lot. Marriage, births, career choices and changes, finding our way as mothers, illness and loss. You know, life.

I love my friends.
They have become my family.
They accept me.
They ground me.
They support me.
They love me.

We know each others stories, we can tease each other and reminisce for hours with tears of both joy and sorrow streaming down our faces.

Thank you my friends, my sisters.
Thank you for a fabulous night out and a wonderful birthday!
I love you girls so much!

Here's to 60 more years of girls nights!