Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Becoming a Diva / Playing in the snow.

Isaac has been dying to get out and play in the snow. With temperatures in the single digits and it getting dark so early, we hadn't made it out.... until last night.
Mark came home early just so he could take Isaac out in the snow --- what a great dad!
So after one more trip to the restroom, just in case, we spent twenty minutes getting Isaac bundled up. Finally, he was ready!


Megan was not happy at all about being left out of the fun. At first she took it pretty well, staring longingly out the window saying in the most pitiful voice ever, "Daddy, up! Up! Up Daddy!" Which of course I was the only one who could hear. So in the name of fairness, I bundled her up and sent her outside.

She loved the snow. From the second we walked out, she was elated. Isaac did a great job sharing his sled, and even offered to push her in it.

After about 15 minutes (which felt like an hour), and mittens that wouldn't stay on, I dragged my daughter kicking and screaming inside. If she was "unhappy" before we went outside, she was down right livid upon our return.

In her anguish, she tried to climb up the door to get out and when she decided it wasn't going to work, threw herself into the coat closet screaming until Mark & Isaac came back in... which, thankfully, was less than five minutes later.
When most people meet Meg, they comment on what a good, happy baby she is... if they could see her now!!!

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MiniCircus said...

Just wait, this is nothing, welcome to the rest of your life!! She's almost got it figured out and when she does, watch out, no one is safe!! As tempermental as my girls are, I wouldn't trade them for more stinky boys, sorry to say. They are worse than the girls!!