Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Birthday...

Last Monday, Mark turned 32.... I have never known him to have any difficulty with his age, but this one has thrown him off a little. "Too close to 35, which then is too close to 40" and he just can't come to grips with the big four-oh.... good thing he has eight more years to find a way to deal!!!

I made his favorite dessert - which is no small feat since he "doesn't care for" desserts- a Boston Cream Pie and we had pizza for dinner with some friends over to watch the Buckeye game. I think he had a good time and hopefully will find comfort in his old age! I love you, Mark!! Happy Birthday!

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MiniCircus said...

Happy Birthday, Mark. Mind, we are coming in town Fri, can we get together?? I have a tub for Isaac and Meg if you want and can take whatever they have outgrown back. Getting ready for #4... Let me know.