Monday, January 25, 2010

See this little girl?

I love her more than words.

She has a smile that lights up her entire face... even though her face is perpetually dirty.

She can melt your heart with a hug and a kiss.

She is very caring and compassionate.

She is a creature of habit and is not afraid to let you know when things are not going according to her liking.

She's driving me a little nuts.

She's sassy. She's smart. She's very strong willed.
Qualities which are all fine and good.. except when she is throwing a fit... which has been an almost daily occurrence around here.

Terrible twos?
Is it just a girl thing? Who knows.
I am just looking forward to this particular part of toddlerhood to be over.

"You know you really wear me out, but I love you anyway."
Amen Olivia's mom. Amen.

On a completely unrelated note, I read this post last night and cannot stop thinking about these pancakes so guess what we are having for dinner?

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