Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful....

What an odd week of weather! Monday morning we woke up to a dusting of snow, which was no big deal, but apparently the sun was making the snow melt a bit and with temperatures in the mid 20's it was refreezing into black ice... fun. It took Mark over an hour to get to work! And now today it feels and sounds like you might just blow away out there!!
Anyhow, I didn't look outside and see the snow until after Isaac and I were ready for him to go to school, and once he saw the snow, he insisted on putting on his snow boots.... remember it was only a dusting. That's when I figured I better turn the t.v. on to see if his school was canceled or not and of course it was. I sent him outside anyway to play for a bit.
I always idealize snow days... warm fire, we have no fireplace, hot cocoa... we do have that, warm snuggly blankets with good movies... if you include Dora then, check!
The reality however was two days in the house and you get a mama, little boy and girl who were going a bit mad.
To try and fend off the cabin fever we wrote down some fun things to do and folded them and put them in a stocking and took turns drawing them out. --- the time allotments were all Isaac's doing.
It turned out to be pretty fun, and Isaac is asking if we can do it again!

During a quiet spell, I went to check on them and found this...
It's official, we have a reader! Isaac is blowing through the emergent reader books from the library as fast as we get them!
Look how proud!

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