Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Vignette

Shabby Apple is having a contest where you can win an incredible outfit!
So here is my submission! Hope you enjoy!!!

There once was a girl, who dreamed of being a wife,
Starting a family and creating a beautiful life.
After three years of marriage we had a handsome son,
Two short years later we had a daughter -who just turned one.
I love my family and staying home with my brood,
However, sweatpants, dirty diapers, and endless laundry spoil the feminine mood.
I am trying to combine all the aspects above,
Without losing the woman I was and still love.
So here is my vignette, one that would make me feel divine,
As I go about the blissful days in this lovely life of mine.
The dress was the hardest decision to make,
With all of the gorgeous choices this one is the one I would take.
The bag, the shoes the wonderful beads!
This is the outfit… the one that I need!
Of course, I would not be able to wear it every day,
But when I can put it on I will feel like a woman in every way!!

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