Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm back... sort of ...

My awesome hubby (and kids) surprised me with a new computer for Mother's Day this year! I feel free! I am no longer tethered to the desk! I can finally rejoin my man on the couch both of us playing on our laptops while we watch Netflix! Life is good! (although iTunes isn't letting me put new stuff on my iPod, anyone have any tips?)

Actually, life is good. We have officially settled into our new house and are making it our home. We have had our fair share of bumps in the road these last few months and are expecting a few more along the way but I am optimistic!

We have tilled our garden (!!!!) and are waiting for a few dry days to actually put seeds in the ground. I have been planning and drawing and anticipating this all winter long. I hope it works! I'm so excited for dirt to get under my nails!!

The reason for the "sort of" in the title is because I still don't have pictures to share... as I went to upload (and organize... because I am going to keep them organized on this computer) my camera battery died! So for now, just this little dip back into the the blogging pool!

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