Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Race

Over the weekend our little town hosted a Community Days 5K with a kids fun run and then a school carnival... it was quite a day.

At the last minute a friend and I decided to run the 5K... all I will say about that is I finished and ran better than I thought I would, only walking once, and thank you Jamie for your motivation!!

After my race the kids had a fun run, which we were told would be one mile, but ended up only a quarter of a mile. It was so awesome to see Isaac so excited! He was so excited he pulled a tooth minutes before the race!!

(the least flattering picture of me, but Isaac thinks it's hilarious!)

He and his buddy Elijah had already planned on running the race holding hands, but we were afraid of an injury, so we talked them out of that.

Stretching... very important before the big race. (Meg was not happy about not being involved... plus during one stretch, she said, "this is just like with Jillian, I know how to do this!")

And... GO!!!!!

Isaac did awesome! He wasn't winded in the least and on his own decided to do an entire victory lap!!

Since I didn't register Meg, (she was to young) she and Mark did their race a few steps behind the big kids...

Meg made it the first turn, then Daddy had to take over until the very end...

And everyone finished and received medals! It was tons of fun.

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Angie said...

Yay, a new post :)

Glad you had fun during your run!! And only walking once?! You're a rock star! Isaac is adorable stretching. Looks like fun all around :)