Thursday, May 6, 2010

Park It!

With the weather as awesome as it has been this week, (and with this weekends forecast looking cool and bleak) the kids and I have been hitting the park... sometimes twice a day... we're addicted.

New endeavors at every new play ground. Each time we go to a fav, instead of being bored, one of them gains more confidence. Amazing that my babies are getting so big and independent. It's great... right? This is the first time in my experience as a mother, that I haven't had to be a shadow at our outings. It is amazing to just sit back and watch.

I love how Meg says hello to everyone.... and I mean everyone, until they say "hi" back.
A few unfortunate mishaps have taught a certain little someone that they are just not able to do everything a certain older sibling is. My eldest, well, lets just say it was for kids like him for whom parks were created. (Is that the correct use of whom? I never know.) He is a lightening bolt up and down, left then right. I have to keep him in a neon orange shirt just so I can spot the blur running past me.
Thank you, Park builders... we are huge fans!

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