Thursday, May 13, 2010

The man of the house

With Mark having been gone for the last nine days, Isaac has technically been the "man of the house".

He has just about officially given up naptime, which means 2 things. 1-he goes to bed much earlier and easier. 2- Mama is more than ready for peace and quiet.

Today, during "rest" time, he came down stairs and said,"Mom. you. are. not. going. to. believe. this.... I was reading my bug book, and it says that caterpillars eat sweet gum!!! Can you believe it? I just can't believe it!"
The way he said it just made me feel like he was so old... you know he will be 5 in three months, a fact he reminds me of multiple times a day.

Recently he just seems so much more mature the last few days/weeks.

He has developed a fabulous fashion sense.

He is an awesome brother.

Mark will be very proud to hear how well Isaac was while he was gone. I know I am!

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