Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Times Like These

There are times that being a mom is so hard and frustrating that you just feel like screaming, or running away. Then there are times like today that make it all worth it.

Early this morning, before I had my first cup of coffee, Isaac asked if he could sit in my lap and cuddle.-- My heart softens.

Later on our way home from our very first trip ever to Whole Foods, we sang and played "I spy". Our fun little game soon turned into a very silly one the closer we got to home. Instead of the regular, "I spy something the color red," We started getting crazy and spying things instead of colors, for example, "I spy something the color two!" This unleashed the giggle monster which in turn unleashed the smaller giggle monstress. To hear my two babies laughing hysterically at each other is the most wonderful sound! -- My heart is melting... no really, I can actually feel it melting.

During lunch we were serenaded by the little guy. Isaac has been making up songs a lot lately, (my favorite song so far, "I love my family, I lllllloooovvvvvvvvveeee my familyyyyyyyy). Todays piece was, "I love my baby sister, she is so cute, I love her!" Seriously, almost started crying! (Note, I said almost, the moment was ruined by his trying to tackle her, which he knows he is not allowed to do, yet just can't seem to help himself.)

And to top it all off, now it is nap time!

It is definitely mornings like this that pull you through all of the tough parenting times, especially when they seem so unrelenting. Hope everyone has a great weekend and can relish in the good moments!

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Cape Cod Memories said...

Relish every moment with your babes! They grow up sooooo fast! I can honestly say that, because my two oldest are now 12 and 14. If it wasn't for the fact that I also still have two much younger children at home, I think I'd be pretty bummed out right now! heehee But I have to admit, seeing my two oldest boys tenderly care for the younger ones and give the babe hugs and kisses like I do, that makes my heart melt, too! Thank you for visiting my blog! I'll be back to visit you, too!