Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you vote????

I had planned all along to write about my voting experience, complete with pictures, however, once I got to my destination, I felt a little silly asking a stranger to take my picture, so I left the camera in the diaper bag.... so thus, no pictures. My sincerest apologies.

I was excited to get to the poles, I almost got dressed up! After dropping Isaac off at preschool, and returning books that were due at the library off and grabbing a cup of coffee, Meg and I headed to vote. My handsome hubby called me to let me know he had just driven by my voting location and that there were parking spots available, it just didn't look like it so to park in the actual lot -- (thanks babe!) Cars were parked everywhere and the line was out the door.... thank goodness that it is such a beautiful day out!!! I put Meg in the stroller grabbed my diaper bag full of "waiting in long line goodies" and got in line. Word on the street - literally - was that it was an hour and fifteen minute wait.
Then it happened... a lady with bright white hair came from inside and said, "If you live in M. Township, your line is over here!"
So off we go to the new line, (avoiding the glares of the people who had now been waiting an hour and three minutes) and low and behold! There were exactly three, yes three people in front of me! I get checked in and move to my longest line yet which is a total of six people. After about fifteen minutes I was casting my votes that I had carefully and prayerfully decided on and grabbed my sticker, (which comes with the benefit of a free coffee from Starbucks, a Chik-fil-A sandwich and dough nut from Krispie Kreme)! Hot dog!
I don't know if the candidates that I voted for are going to win or not, I guess we'll know late tonight, but I do know that I felt empowered and fortunate that I live in a country where I can have my voice heard! Sometimes I feel apathetic about how things are going, but not today because today I voted!!

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