Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rough Start.

This is the story of a beautiful bracelet and its owner who in a crazy bizarre sequence of events lost the bracelet and but then found it.... but it looked like this:

and last but not least,

as you can imagine, the owner was very upset. There were tears... she was disappointed, sad, and frustrated. And yes, she knows that is "just a bracelet" (even though she loved it and wore it daily even though it pinched her arm hairs out one by one, and had sentimental value) and in the grand scheme of things it's really not so bad....right?

But most importantly, she has an example to set.

There are two little people watching her get upset and throw a fit over this beloved bracelet.

She doesn't want them to think that they can't be disappointed or sad over things like this, but she also wants to show them that it doesn't have to ruin their day/week/year.

So, I sucked it up and started doing what my mama taught me to do when stressed....


When I came down stairs to get the paper towels, I saw this:

and heard, "Here Mama, here is a new bracelet that you can wear every day and it won't break! Can you tie it for me?"

Could she get any sweeter?

Then, a bit later she even helped me fold laundry.

I sure do love this girl. She helped make a day that started out bad into one that has seen more smiles than tears.

And who knows, maybe I'll get a new bracelet... some day.


Angie said...

Oh man, that stinks about your bracelet :( And mine pinches my arm hairs too. They should fix that.

And no, she could not be any cuter. Precious. She even folds laundry. Send her here.


Norma McMurry said...

How thoughtful of her! I know three generations of sweet ladies in your family