Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cinderella's Ball

Saturday, Megan's fairy grandparents arrived just as she awoke from her royal nap and presented her with her glittery ball gown and tiara.... the gown was a hit, the tiara.... not so much.

Cinderella quickly hid her cinder cleaning clothes and was transformed into the princess that she dreams of being!

As the guests arrived, Cinderella greeted them with grace and enthusiasm that only a true princess can. We dined on elegant fare of hot dogs and taco soup and sipped bubbly soda and juice boxes to our hearts content!

The gifts were opened with zeal and enthusiasm, all of which have been loved and played with ever since.

The cake was a nightmare for the royal baker, but luckily tasted good.

As the clock struck 7 the royal ball dwindled to an end which was just in time, because something happened to the grandparents magic spell and instead of midnight, Cinderella began to melt down about 7:05 into a pile of tulle and glitter.... maybe too much cake?

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