Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In the last two weeks….

Isaac got better, Megan got sick.

Everyone healthy put our game face on for the Super Bowl.

Went to Boonshoft, dug up some dinosaur bones, conquered the cargo net, and fear of the big yellow tunnel. And of course the battery in my camera died.

Baked cookies.

Played basketball.

Meg discovers her love of all hats and aprons.

Mark & I plan a date night… canceled because Isaac develops high fever.

Sleepless Saturday night.

First trip to urgent care as a parent on Sunday.

Isaac has first x-ray which shows mild case of pneumonia.

That about sums is up!

Just realized this post would have been more interesting if there were pictures for the second half of it! Sorry!

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MiniCircus said...

no wonder I haven't seen you on here lately, youv'e been busy. Hope everyone is on the mend now, and you can put this all past you. Although when you have kids it really never ends... Hope to see you all soon, Annie was talking of a get together, we would be up for hosting something Feb. 28, if that works for you all.